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Cry Kill Ian Troll


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Blood Rite

Mind Flayer

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The Anachronist Society- The rumors of the origins of the group are justifiably cloudy at best. Whether the Anachronists or the Hellfire Club actually started first and the other was an offshoot, they were originally one group dedicated to overthrowing the monarchy in England. The split came when the decision to back Ian Troll as the new ruler was disputed. The Hellfire Club continued itís quest until itís shattering defeat in the mid-sixties by John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel. When Troll disappeared, actually when he became Crykill and entered into mystic realms to seek a different kind of power, the group switched their focus toward world domination by economic control and indirect political influence. By carefully infiltrating law enforcement and various governments, they secretly built an empire behind the scenes. Upon Crykillís return to the modern world, he discovered that his name had been stricken from his family history, but that his Anachronist Society, his true children, still flourished. Quickly taking charge, he used their resources to gain understanding of this strange, new world and uses their facilities, agents, weaponry, and money for his schemes.