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Alter Ego
: Cian Mac Domhnaíll
Occupation: Member of the Anachronist Society
Known Relatives: None Living
Group Affiliation: The Anachronist Society

Cian was a young druid at the building of Stonehenge, but he was becoming disenchanted with working toward balance. The Druids could do great things and become powerful, yet they "served nature". He began sneaking away and harassing locals. He began amassing wealth by thievery. He began expanding his druidic powers by dabbling in the dark arts. He began an attempt to become Archdruid, to gather followers to create a rebellion within the grove. He was mistaken to assume that his fellows were as displeased with their lot in life and his plot was revealed. A large convocation was called and druids came from many surrounding groves to judge the rebel. Their punishment was simple. If he wished to forsake nature and the proper balance, so be it. He would be removed from nature itself, imprisoned in one of the stone pillars that Stonehenge circle was made of. There he remained, conscious of the passage of time, to contemplate his decision for eternity passing from sanity to madness and back again. There he remained until Crykill was attempting to gather strength following his exit from the Nexus by siphoning energy from any mystical repositories he could think of. The long inactive circle of stone initially yielded little, but he sensed the evil spirit in the stone. He released Cian in return for his oath of loyalty and promised him the power that he had sought so many decades before. He quickly accepted Crykill’s terms and, almost surprisingly, meant it. He realized during his long imprisonment that he could never be a great leader, but he could certainly share in the spoils of the Anachronist Society.

His imprisonment left him with the realization that he truly was no man of vision, but he could work with others to secure his rightful place, not as a sheep slaving for some mythical natural balance. He might not be cut out for a king, but a prince of the realm could suit him just fine. This viewpoint makes him one of Crykill’s most faithful followers.

Quote: "Embrace nature, in death"

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