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Alter Ego
: Sondra Coddie
Occupation: Member of the Anachronist Society
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: The Anachronist Society

When the Dark One was still a human pirate, he acquired a small case with an indecipherable inscription and an unbreakable lock. He was fascinated by the item enough that he sought a translation in every exotic port, but to no avail. No one could translate the writing or open the lid. After he joined with Crykill, he retrieved his long buried belongings including the case. Crykill sensed mystical power within and set about figuring out itís origins. He discovered that it was written in an ancient Atlantian dialect and translated the story. It was a gift made to a king by a powerful wizard, a metallic flower that would meld with a female turning her into the perfect concubine who could fulfil the kingís every desire. Dark One having long since lost his carnal desires gave the item to Crykill, who promptly began seeking his perfect consort. In a Paris brothel, he found Sondra, the perfect raw material lacking any morals, for the item to work itís magic on. Crykill purchased her from the brothel and took her back to the island, letting her believe he was an eccentric and wealthy gentleman. He gave her the flower and, as soon as she touched it, she began to scream. The mystical item pierced her palm and shot rootlike tentacles into her flesh. Within a matter of moments, her shrieking subsided and her wounds faded away along with the telltale signs of the hard life she had endured. She looked young and fresh in a way that Crykill doubted she had ever looked in her youth. She was beautiful and very desirable, very desirable. Sondra was reduced to a mere spectator trapped inside her mind, able to see and think, but unable to control her body. She would please her master whether she wanted to or not. The case had a name on it that roughly translated to Temptress, so that was the name Crykill gave her.

The Temptress aspect makes her almost uncontrollably forced to use her sexuality to manipulate men to varying degrees of success. She is often destracted from her specific goal by her need to tease men. The spell that created her binds her to Crykill, but deep inside, a small voice weeps.

Quote: "Do you have me, or do I have you"

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