Created by Barry Mulvihil & Matt Parmenter

Alter Ego: Tizznai Shaicure
Occupation: Member of The Anachronist Society
Known Relatives: The Shaicure Clan
Group Affiliation: The Anachronist Society

Status: Deceased

Crykill makes a pact with the other-dimensional race the Illithid to aid the Anachronist Society and he is sent Tizznai, an up and coming officer. Crykill assigns him the task of dealing with Mammoth and he approaches his mission with an unexpected fervor, making Mammoth’s life virtually a living hell. His quest for rank and power leads him to continually top himself in acts of cruelty. The occasional mental illusion making Mammoth look foolish graduated to causing him to attack Esper, then when Mind Flayer mind scanned Shadow Dancer, he found two minds. He triggered the fetus’ growth power causing a miscarriage and nearly killing her as well. Finally, he captured Shadow Dancer and Mammoth and intended to eat her brain before Mammoth’s very eyes. That was his last mistake, he had pushed the hero to the breaking point. Having to become solid enough to pierce her skull and feed left him a sitting duck when Mammoth snapped, grew larger than ever before, and struck him with a punch that knocked the Illithid through the walls of the bunker.

Tizznai was the epitome of his race, an egotistical, totally amoral creature consumed with evil. He considered virtually any other life forms as lessers that were only good for food. His overconfidence would prove fatal.

Quote: "Humans are such easy prey."

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