Night Child

Alter Ego: Yodar, on Earth- Victor Von Meer
Occupation: Member of the Anachronist Society
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: The Anachronist Society

Hailing from the other dimensional Dark Realm where the Denizens of Darkness dwell, Yodar was fascinated by the earthly exploits of the Anachronist Society, especially the Dark One. The only way of crossing over to the Prime Universe to meet his heroes lay in the Dark Lordís castle, the device that would open a hole to pass through. He managed to sneak in to the castle undetected and made his way to the device, but as he prepared to activate it, he was discovered. In his haste, he made an error and passed through, but his physical form was dissipated like a cloud of ash.
Victor Von Meer was a mildly successful Eurotrash musician with a penchant for drugs in his late teens. His lifestyle caught up with him in Amsterdam when he overdosed and ended up in a hospital barely clinging to life. The disembodied Yodar was drawn to his fading life energies and offered to merge his spirit with Von Meerís saving his life and giving Yodar a physical presence once more. Von Meer agreed, seeing little choice in the matter, and Night Child was born. Now in perfect health, the merged being left the hospital, not quite Yodar and not quite human. Using Von Meerís identity, Night Child left to find and join the Anachronists. He was quickly accepted in to the associate training branch and learned how to to use his odd hybrid abilities to their fullest. An apt pupil, he graduated to full Anachronist status in a relatively short amount of time and became one of the most loyal members of the group.

The combined being took on the worst aspects of the two souls, the evil of Yodar and his dark, twisted sense of morality mixing with Von Meerís weak and selfish nature to make the perfect subservient super-villain, exactly what the Anachronists wanted.

Quote: "People are so fragile so easy, Isnít that nice"

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