Created by Barry Mulvihil

Death Knight

Alter Ego: Sir Bedrick Mawgawn
Occupation: Member of the Anachronist Society
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: The Anachronist Society

A war was brewing in the latter days of Camelot. Mordred and his mother, Morganna Le Fey, had rallied their dark forces against King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Arthurís forces were weakened, both by the successful quest for the Grail and by the unsuccessful siege of the Joyous Gard, the keep of the disgraced Kingís champion, Sir Lancelot du Lake. Lancelot had been banished from Camelot due to his love for and subsequent tryst with Queen Gwenevere. Still, Lancelotís loyalty to the king was true and it was known that he would rush to the Kingís aid if Camelot went to war. Mordred knew that he could defeat Arthurís forces, only if Lancelot did not become involved. Mordred recruited Sir Bedrick Mawgawn, the vaunted "Black Knight", to ensure that Lancelot did not marshall forces against him. Sir Bedrick, in his magical black armor, wielding his mace of power moved his forces in place to lay siege to the Joyous Gard. Though he had never lost in personal combat before, his forces fell to Lancelotís and he, to Lancelot himself. Lancelot was able to aid Arthur and though both he and his king fell in battle that day, so to did Mordred and Morganna, but the black knight was not finished. The witch who enchanted his armor and mace also placed a charm on it. The black knight would not find final rest until he had tasted death thrice. Upon his death, his armor absorbed his essence and he would not walk the earth again until the armor was rejoined to his mace nearly 1500 years later.
On the day the archaeologist rejoined the two artifacts, The Black Paladin was born, his essence taking over that of the archaeologist. Shortly after this time, it became evident that this brave new world he existed in would not allow him to hold the kind of power he craved alone. He would need to find others of his ilk. He found Crykill and the Anachronist Society. For years, working alongside the greatest organization of evil in the world, his power and evil grew. His cruelty was matched only by that of his cohorts. In an act of capricious cruelty, he murdered the non-powered teacher of the Protectors Academy, Captain Freedom. This act, along with the murder of Shadow Dancerís unborn child by Mind Flayer prompted the most vicious fighting in the history of the war between the Protectors and the Anachronist
Society. The gloves were off. After much research, the Protectors devised a successful plan to exorcise Crykill from his host, Aaron Cromwright. Freed from the oppression of Crykill, and possessing years of arcane knowledge, Cromwright took on the guise of Arcanum. In the battle that ensued, Mind Flayer died at the hands of Mammoth while Cromwright destroyed the current form of Sir Bedrick. His body once again destroyed with no chance of resurrection, his corpse was animated by his armor. Now little of Sir Bedrick remained. What was left was a form of pure evil, pure malice, without even the slight trace of humanity that was present in the old form of the Black Paladin. He sought out his old team, the Anachronist Society, but this time without informing them of his past. He now serves, an undead minion of evil, waiting for his time to exact vengeance.

Now little more than a skeleton inside a suit of armor, the malignant soul of Mawgawn strives to do evil for itís own sake. Itís all he has left other than a desire for revenge against Arcanum for transporting him deep into the earth, trapping him in this rotted corpse until he finally reaches the end of his existence.

Quote: "Iíll wait"

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