Alter Ego:
Paki La Bokin
Occupation: Member of the Anachronist Society
Known Relatives: None living
Group Affiliation: The Anachronist Society

Paki was the prince of an African tribe in the 1700ís educated in Europe. His royal pedigree led to an overblown and boorish ego. His greed led him into the slave trade. His years of debauchery had a high price as he contracted a disease that threatened to end his life painfully. Greater than his fear of wasting away was his abject terror at the thought that there might be some truth to all those religious afterlife beliefs, the fear that he might be called to judgment for his evil and depraved behavior. He sought any and all possible cures and none worked, until he came across an old tribal shaman near his homeland who had once been renowned for his healing ability. The shamanís tribe was long gone having been sold to slavery and those not fit to sell having been killed or fled. The shaman used herbs and such to paralyze Bokin for his cure and revealed to the helpless slaver that he indeed intended to save his life and make him pay for his evil deeds as well. Wrapping him with chains and using the hammer that Bokin had used on so many of the shamanís tribesmen and others, the shaman sacrificed his own life to cast an unbreakable curse binding Bokin to the chains eternally, doomed to live forever bound. His appearance made him an outcast, shunned by all. He returned to Europe and lived in seclusion, only venturing out to work as a mercenary of sorts. There is a certain advantage to being unable to die in criminal pursuits. He eventually came in contact with Ian Troll in his pre-Crykill days assisting his nefarious schemes. After Trollís disappearance, Smite continued his mercenary lifestyle traveling from country to country for years. When Crykill took over the Anachronist Society, he found his old ally in their files and invited him to join the team.

Smiteís bitterness at his long cursed life is the guiding principle in his existence. He hates virtually everything and everyone. Since the slightest movement causes the links of his chains to rattle, he lives in a perpetual "Chinese Water Torture" unable to sleep for long and instantly filling with rage and hatred at the sound heís heard for so many years.

Quote: "Come a little closer so that you can meet my hammer"


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