Created by Barry Mulvihil & Matt Parmenter

Cry Kill

Alter Ego: Ian Troll
Occupation: Master Villain
Known Relatives: No living Relatives
Group Affiliation: The Anachronist Society


The Kroikle family was a family on the rise. Within two generations they moved up the social ladder from landed gentry to nobility with the knighting of Walter Kroikle. Walter had a son named Jeremy who inherited his title and in turn Jeremy, the second Lord Kroikle, fathered Ian. Ian seemed to be born with a shadow over him and his behavior as a child was atrocious. As Ian became a young man, his boorish and often cruel behavior waned. After all, he’d need to be a respectable member of society if he were to inherit his father’s title and lands. Still, the cruel side of Ian needed venting and thus, Ian Troll was born.
Troll, from his apartments in London, became known as the most wicked man in all England. By 1560, he’d earned a reputation for debauchery and cruelty that was infamous throughout Europe, all the while maintaining a facade of gentility as Ian Kroikle.
But mere infamy was not enough for Troll. It was power he wanted. Dark power. He began moving in supernatural circles, searching out mystic tomes and beings. The Vampire Evan Quayle was the source of one such tome. He possessed a copy of the Book of Eibon that Troll was determined to have. Despite the Vampire’s refusal, Troll attempted to make off with the book. To his surprise, he was tracked down and fed upon by the Vampire, losing the book in the process.
Left alone in the forest without a horse to ride, the weakened Ian Troll wandered aimlessly until confronted by a marauding werewolf. The beast attacked and bit Troll, but he was able to defend himself with his silver tipped walking stick. Finally he wandered to Healthly Manor, the temporary home of Count Von Halspergen, where he asked for help with his wounds. He was initially taken in, but upon some slight recovery, his boorish behavior returned. The insult to his host was too much for his gypsy servant to bear. She placed a curse upon him. Though he would plan and plan throughout eternity, his goal of ultimate power would always be out of his grasp.
He was beaten severely by the Count’s men and banished from the manor. It was in the forest where he found the old crone’s shack. She took the beaten Troll into her trust, healing him, and teaching him her dark arts. Her hut was filled with the type of mystic tomes and codices he had been searching for. She was able to remove the curse of the Werewolf and Vampire, but found the gypsy curse harder to deal with. Still, when he seemed to be completely cured, he betrayed her and left her to die, taking all of her books with him.
Ian Troll was now rising in mystic power even as the fortunes of the Kroikle family rose. Finally, he made his move. In an attempt to steal and use the mystical powers of the hidden sword Excalibur, Troll found himself against the 16th centuries incarnation of The Mage. Inexperienced in this power, he was defeated and forced to flee to the New World. Exposed, the Kroikle family eventually disappeared from all registries.
Troll’s problems were not finished however. The ship he took to the New World sank in the area later to be known as the Bermuda Triangle. Though his body died that day, his spirit lived on, not as Ian Kroikle, or even Ian Troll, but as Crykill. Centuries later, his spirit came in contact with a mystical helmet that allowed him to concentrate his spirit into any convenient body. This brought him into contact with the costumed hero known as All-American. Weak from centuries of inactivity, he was easily beaten by the ultimate human fighting machine. Recovering his strength over the next several decades, a yacht sailed over the very spot where he lay resting. Gathering the Nexus’ power, he took over the body of Aaron Cromwright while causing the release of excess power from the Nexus creating both Sound Wave and Revenant. The world would never be the same.

Crykill’s sole motivation is to acquire power both respect and raw destructive force. His quest for that power defines his black soul. He will use and backstab anyone to gain that which he craves and is constantly frustrated by his inability to overcome the curse that seeming forever denies the success of his mad schemes. For Crykill, lying, cheating, stealing and killing is as common and natural as breathing is to a normal man. The rules of a polite society exist only for those of lesser stature.

Quote: "The greatest power is often simple patience."-E. Joseph Cossman

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