Created by Matt Parmenter

Alter Ego: Karen Kilsor
Occupation: Member of The Anachronist Society
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: The Anachronist Society

The Anachronist Society continually attempts to find suitable new members by keeping tabs on odd phenomenon and such. When Karen reached puberty, as with most mutants, her powers manifested. Shortly thereafter, her family mysteriously disappeared leaving her alone and in need of a home. The Anachronists were there to fill the void left in her life. One of the worst side effects of her abilities is the chemical imbalance that would keep her insane and uncontrollable without the aid of the Society. When she is under control, she is an effective member of the team, but must always be kept on a short leash.

Her dependence on the Anachronists is both mental and physical. They are the only "family" she has left and her sanity, such as it is, and control of her powers depends on them. Her loyalty is thereby ensured.

Quote: "Die bloody!"

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