Created by Barry Mulvihil

Alter Ego: Todd Walters
Occupation: Member of the Anachronist Society
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: The Anachronist Society

Todd Walters was an unfortunate man and, this was to be an exceptionally bad day. Needing to get away from his life for a while, he rented an old cabin in a remote forest in the Hocking Hills area in southern Ohio. Unfortunately, the cabin was on the same ground as the corpse of Alan Morgan, a practitioner of the dark arts. The first night, Walters became aware of..... Things.... Moving around outside the cabin. "Just animals" he thought. Sadly, he didn’t leave that night. Sadly, he didn’t leave before the ghost of Alan Morgan awoke. The night of terror Walters experienced was more than he could take. His heart literally burst from fright but that wasn’t the end. He arose from death, mobile, and powerful. His hatred and bitterness, combined with the fear he’d felt at the time of his passing made him even more vengeful than ever. He found the ghost of Morgan, and after a short battle, consigned him to the pits of hell.
As the Wraith, he found he could do things, have power that he’d never even imagined as a living being. He was soon discovered by the Dark One who detected a kindred soul in the Wraith.

Walters had been an unlucky, bitter man in life and his attitude would not improve in death. He had no purpose in his unliving existence, other than torturing those he happened across, until he met the Anachronists. They gave him a direction to vent his rage and hatred for his fate. He remains one of the most loyal footsoldiers in the Society.

Quote: "Soon you will be like me DEAD!"

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