Created by Barry Mulvihil

Alter Ego: Katerina Yaga
Occupation: Member of the Anachronist Society
Known Relatives: Baba Yaga
Group Affiliation: The Anachronist Society

For centuries, the legend of the witch Baba Yaga scourged the planes of Russia and the Ukraine with fear. Lost was the traveler that came too close to her mystic hut in the hours after the sun set. It was said that the crone had used great and powerful magik’s to make her shoddy looking shack palatial on the inside. It was said, by the few whom survived entrance, that one could walk the halls of the hut for all eternity and never see the same room twice. They also said that the screams and moans of the hag’s victims could be heard throughout.

Still, even a nearly immortal being can grow lonely, and so, Baba Yaga spirited away a young child of exceptional beauty. On that day, Katerina Droschenko became Katerina Yaga, daughter and student of Baba Yaga. For the next century, Baba trained her charge in magic and cruelty. Human life became as nothing to her. One day, early in the 20th century, Katerina’s life changed forever.

Vowing to put an end to a centuries long rivalry, the great witch of the steppes lured the Celtic witch Rhiannon to a remote field in the Tunguska region of Siberia. Katerina had learned her lessons well. She saw that this was her chance, not only to destroy Baba and Rhiannon, but also to absorb their powers for herself. Standing miles away from the battle that fateful night, Katerina waited until both witches were battered and weak. She used all the power she could muster and pulled a small rock, no larger than 50 meters or so, and hurled it from space to the battleground below.

Unfortunately for Katerina, the blast created was greater than she imagined. She was protected by her magic, but cast into a dreadful coma until her power was restored decades later by the awakening of another powerful mage, the evil Crykill. She attempted to gain his power and add it to her own, but in the end, he vanquished her. Always looking for allies, Crykill instead enslaved her, adding her to the ranks of the Anachronist Society.

Taken from her family and being raised by a monster, Katerina has no regard for anyone or anything other than the ability to have power and to control her own destiny. The power she has been able to gain, her destiny remains in the hands of Crykill. Her loyalty to Crykill is based on the oath she took to save her life and she awaits the day she can betray him, steal his power, and rule herself.

Quote: "Oh, my little friend, you look so delicious"

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